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630 N. 9th Street
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Store Products : Birds

An image of our domestic birdseed we have for sale.

Domestic Birds

Brandt's Mill is a leader among pet shops in Lebanon, PA for bird feeds. We carry domestic birdseed by the pound that is specially formulated for canaries, cockatiels, parrots and lovebirds. We also carry a variety of other domestic birdseed brands, including Roudybush, Lafeber's, Sunseed and ZuPreem.

Brandt's Mill also stocks toys for your pet birds, as well as feed cups, water cups, vitamins, and cuttlebones for beak health.

Other pet shops in Lebanon PA can't offer the selection of exotic bird houses we have in displayed here and in our store.

Wild Birds

We make our own Brandt's Mill wild birdseed mix, available by the pound or in 25-lb. bags. We also carry other bulk birdseeds, including black oil sunflower, striped sunflower, safflower, millet, thistle, peanut hearts, raw peanuts, cracked corn and whole corn, and shelled peanuts. All bulk birdseeds are available by the pound.

Brandt's Mill is proud to carry Lyric premium wild bird food in supreme, wild bird mix, fruit and nut delight (no waste, perfect for patio bird feeders), cardinal, finch, sunflower kernel and woodpecker.

Our store is also your place to get suet, birdhouses, bird feeders, squirrel-proof bird feeders, bird baths and bird bath heaters. Be sure to stop by one of the best pet shops in Lebanon, PA for wild bird supplies!