For over 75 years Brandt’s Mill has been in business, family owned and operated. We strive to bring the best equine nutrition and pet supplies to the Lebanon area.

Our feed mill which resides on 830 Maple Street is a single species mill developing only equine feed. We are partnered with Kentucky Equine Research to help produce the highest quality formulas of horse feed for each stage of the horse’s life cycle. Providing horses with proper nutrition will help ensure that horse owners and trainers obtain optimal performance from their equine investments. Whether your horse is sprinting around the race track or has a foal by their side, nutrition plays a huge role in the end result. Our products are also formulated using the most current research in equine nutrition.

Our pet store which is located at 630 North 9th Street is a hidden gem. Full of high quality pet foods, USA made products and some of the most unique items you will find in this area! Pet’s to us aren’t just animals they’re family, so we try to fill the store with only products that we feel are the very best. With a knowledgeable, pet loving staff we are able to answer any of your questions.