We carry outdoor bird seeds, houses, feeders, suet cakes, and we have individual seeds available by the pound out of our bins.

Some of the different seeds we carry are black oil sunflower, striped sunflower, safflour, thistle, peanut hearts, shelled peanuts, peanuts in the shell, red & white millet, shelled sunflowers and sunflower chips. We also do our own Brandt’s custom wild bird seed. We sell it by the pound and pre-packaged in 25lb bags .

We also have indoor bird food(cockatiels,parrots,finches,parakeets,canaries), treats, toys, and supplements. Versele-Laga, Zupreem, Lafebers, Tropical Carnival, Kaytee, SunSeed, Gold Crest, Ecotrition. We also have custom made seed bins where you can purchase SunSeed, Gold Crest, and Versele Laga brand seeds by the pound.