Brandt’s Best Textured Feeds

All Best Textured Horse Feeds include a cold-process supplement pellet that contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. The palatability and size of this pellet help eliminate sorting and refusal, and ensure intake of nutrients critical to the horse. Heavy (40-44 lb) recleaned oats, cracked corn, and the supplement pellet are coated with a combination of molasses and vegetable oil to produce a dust-free feed. Best Textured Feeds contain yeast culture, which improves the utilization of dietary phosphorus and has been reported to improve milk production in mares.
Best 10% Horse Feed
Best 10% is a highly fortified textured sweet feed that is low in protein. This feed is designed for mature horses in training. The primary ingredients are corn, oats, barley, molasses, and 25% KER Pellets. This combination of ingredients provides a palatable, consistent, and completely fortified feed.

Best 12.5% Horse Feed
Best 12.5% is designed for mature horses in training and helps maintain body condition and critical energy stores. This feed meets the protein, vitamin, and mineral requirements of equine athletes in various types and intensities of training. The primary ingredients are corn, oats, molasses, and Brandt’s protein, vitamin, and mineral mixing pellet. Best 12.5% is highly palatable and consistent, and ensures peak performance.

Best 14% Horse Feed
Best 14% is a multipurpose formula appropriate for pregnant mares, lactating mares, yearlings, and horses in training. The primary ingredients are oats, corn, barley, special high-energy pellet, molasses, and 25% KER Pellets.

Brandt’s Best Performance Horse Formula
Best Performance is a great source of energy for performance horses that compete in eventing, competitive trail rides, and endurance races. Energy is derived from high-fat and high-fiber ingredients such as soybean oil, beet pulp, soy hulls, and alfalfa meal. Best Performance is also appropriate for horses with Cushing’s disease, heaves (COPD), and tying-up syndrome.

Hi-Fi-Vi Complete Horse Feed
Hi-Fi-Vi is a highly digestible feed made with quality fiber sources. The primary ingredients are beet pulp, 25% KER Pellets, cracked corn, and molasses. Hi-Fi-Vi is a low-dust formula ideal for performance horses with chronic respiratory problems. When hay and pasture are limited or of poor quality, Hi-Fi-Vi can add beneficial fiber to any diet. Beet pulp is a source of readily fermentable fiber, which helps maintain fluid balance and constant energy production in working horses. Hi-Fi-Vi is fortified to meet the nutrient demands of the equine athlete.

Brandt’s Senior Formula
Senior Horse Formula is created exclusively for aged horses. As horses reach their mid-teens and twenties, they often require a feeding regime that differs considerably from normal diets. This feed contains 13% protein, a level recommended for aged horses. Senior Horse Formula is made with highly digestible fiber sources and grains that have undergone processing techniques designed to make nutrients more readily available to aged horses. This textured feed is completely fortified with the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep senior horses in top condition. This feed can be watered down to make a palatable mash.

12/10 Textured Horse Feed
Best 12/10 is an economical high-fat textured feed with palatable ingredients. This formula is suitable for pleasure or performance horses. Best 12/10 is made with quality oats, corn, barley, and extruded soybean meal. It is fully fortified with micronutrients and contains no pellets.

Best Lite
Best Lite is a highly palatable textured low-intake feed for horses or ponies that do not need the extra calories provided by other fortified feeds. Best Lite contains concentrated micronutrients to provide a balanced diet with less feed. This formula is suitable for easy-keeping pleasure and performance horses or ponies and offers high levels of biotin for coat and hoof health. Maximum feeding rate on this feed is 5 lbs.

Brandt’s Best Pelleted Feeds

All Best Pell Horse Feeds are fully fortified with protein, vitamins, minerals, and yeast culture. Cold-process pelleting with molasses insures a palatable, dust-free, and economical feed. Cold processing reduces the heat damage that occurs with steam processing and extends shelf life and nutrient stability.

Best-Pell 12 Horse Pellet
Best Pell 12% is appropriate for mature horses in light, moderate, or intense training. Best Pell 12% supplies ample energy for performance horses and meets all other nutrient demands of equine athletes. This formula contains quality grains and highly digestible fiber sources in a palatable, consistent, and completely fortified pelleted feed.

Best-Pell 12/8 Horse Pellet
Best Pell 12/8 is a high-fat pelleted feed made with additional digestible fiber sources to meet the increased energy demands of the sport horse. Formulated for horses in moderate or intense training, or horses that need more calories to maintain body condition. Best Pell 12/8 is fully fortified with quality ingredients and micronutrients to provide a consistent and palatable feed in a convenient pelleted form.

Best-Pell 14 Horse Pellet
Best Pell 14% is a multipurpose formula appropriate for growth, breeding, and training. Ingredients in Best Pell 14% include high-quality cereal grains, highly digestible fiber sources, and protein sources containing critical amino acids.

Brandt’s Equine Geriatric Horse Formula
Geriatric Horse Pellets are designed specifically to meet the nutrient needs of older horses. As horses age, their digestive ability decreases and their metabolism becomes less efficient. Energy dense ingredients, increased fortification, highly digestible fiber sources, and the addition of yeast culture provide a formula that helps older horses maintain body condition and improves digestive function. The pelleted form is especially appropriate for horses with poor teeth or those that are prone to waste feed. These pellets can be watered down to make a palatable mash.

Equine Science Formula – Phase Feeding Program

PHASE I is specifically designed to meet the nutrient needs of the growing horse up to twelve months of age. This feed is formulated to minimize nutrition-related occurrence of developmental orthopedic disease and to provide nutrients necessary for optimal growth while reducing skeletal disorders. This feed contains high-quality protein that provides essential amino acids necessary for growth and development. Phase I is formulated with appropriate levels of calcium, phosphorus, copper, and zinc as well as other minerals for strong bones. It is also fortified with yeast culture, fat-soluble vitamins, and the B-complex vitamins essential for maximal growth in young horses. Phase I is available in textured form for greatest palatability.

PHASE II features the same attention to ingredient quality as Phase I but with levels of fortification appropriate for the yearling as well as the mare during pregnancy and lactation. Levels of trace minerals in Phase II ensure that development of the fetus and storage of nutrients in the fetal liver are optimized, resulting in superior skeletal development in the neonatal foal. Additionally, the strong skeletal foundation initiated in the weanling fed Phase I is furthered in the yearling fed Phase II. Phase II is available in textured form.

PHASE III is a scientifically formulated performance horse feed that specifically addresses energy substrate availability and muscle metabolism in the equine athlete. Energy sources utilized in this feed are selected to satisfy the specific metabolic requirements of the horse during both the anaerobic and aerobic phases of exercise. The mineral, protein, yeast culture, and vitamin levels in Phase III ensure peak performance and meet the micronutrient requirements of the horse in intense training.

25% KER PELLETS are designed as a protein, vitamin, and mineral supplement for all classes of horses. They can be fed alone (with no additional grain) to horses maintaining adequate body condition on high-quality forage (hay/pasture). In this case, KER Pellets act as a low-calorie, concentrated source of essential protein, vitamins, and minerals, which are often marginal in all-forage diets. This feed also contains yeast culture for optimal nutrient digestibility. KER Pellets can also be mixed with unfortified grains to form balanced concentrates for any class of horse requiring additional calories to grow or perform.